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NEWS » Perspectives of Academic Research on Banking in Italy

Perspectives of Academic Research on Banking in Italy

What are the key topics for academicians specialized in banking? What the focus on? What is their contribution to the financial system?

These questions are related to the debate on the duties and the role of the academic professor, the perspectives of the academic career, the evaluation of the research and, more generally, the University system and its impact on the country growth.

A new research by Alessandro Carretta, published on the number 11 of Bancaria, has considered a wide sample of articles published on Bancaria Forum over the time horizon 2009-2017. Most relevant topics are managerial issues, organization and supervision on the banking and financial industry. The author highlights the need for a stronger identity and role of banking in the academy and in the society. Main solution proposed are:

  • Consider the "real impact factor", the measure that evaluated the impact on the society of the academic research;
  • Increase the networking between the academy and the industry in order to create and use proprietary database that allow to scientifically evaluate the specific features of the Italian banking system;
  • Promote reviews on the existing banking and finance research in order to identify the state of art the more interesting research developments;
  • Develop long term research project that could be useful in order to systemically analyse banking and finance principles and could contribute on the growth of the financial system, the economy and the society.


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