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NEWS » New layout for BANCARIA

New layout for BANCARIA

A new layout of Bancaria has been defined in order to match the history and tradition of the journal with the need for a change, uniqueness and originality. The new vertical layout for the heading underline the dynamic strategy adopted by the journal.

Innovation, growth, quality and tradition are the main concepts behind the new project.

Economics, Finance, Regulation, news from the Banking and Finance industry, and Economic History are the main topics discussed in the journal. Coherently with the past strategies, the journal aims to increase the articles focused on the current market scenario and economic culture, in order to be interesting for different readers and different field of research.

The innovation is also related to the adoption of new technologies: the on-line version is growing and Bancaria offers the access to all articles published in the last ten years, where all the subscribers have full access to interesting articles published by the journal.

The journal is now using the colour for all the pages of the journal in order to highlight titles, and the contents of plots and tables.