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Special Issues

Special Issue n° 10/2015 - ETHICS AND NEW HUMANISM

Bancaria publishes a Special Issue on the important topic "Etica e nuovo umanesimo" that was the subject of the seminar "Verso l'Osservatorio sulla città" promoted by ABI and the Vicariate of Rome Diocese in Rome on 14th January 2015. Authors are Antonio Patuelli, Lorenzo Leuzzi, Piero Barucci, Antonio Zanfarino, and Cesare Mirabelli ...

Special Issue n° 07/2015 - UROPEAN BANKING UNION - State of art, aim and lackness

The Special Issue collects some of the papers presented during the conference "L'Unione Bancaria. Dove siamo, cosa serve, cosa manca" organized by ABI and ABIFormazione in Rome on 11th March 2015. The Special Issue collects articles written by Antonio Patuelli, Giuseppe Vegas, Franco Gallo, Guido Ferrarini, Filippo Sgubbi, and Giovanni Sabatini.

Special Issue n° 12/2014 - Banks and Sovereigns during the crisis

Coherently with its mission to support the debate between the academia and the banking and financial industry on current issues, Bancaria publishes a special issue on the topic of the financial crisis and its impact on the stock market and Credit Default Swap. Articles collected are written by Giuliano Iannotta, Marco Navone, Paola De Vincentiis, Danilo Drago, and Raffaele Gallo.

Special Issue n° 10/2014 - The real estate market after the crisis

Bancaria publishes a special issue on the hot topic of real estate market after the crisis collecting articles from academicians and practitioners. Authors are Paola Zocchi, Gianluca Mattarocci, Federico Moro, Maurizio Grilli, Simone Roberti, and Claudio Giannotti.

Special Issue n° 11/2013 - Paolo Baffi Special issue

On 23rd October 2013, a conference for the presentation of the book "Paolo Baffi. Parola di Governatore" edited by Sandro Gerbi with, as guest speaker, the Governor of the bank of Italy, Ignazio Visco, has generated a Special Issue with the articles by Antonio Patuelli, Piero Barucci, Mario Sarcinelli, and Paolo Savona.

Special Issue n° 11/2011 - Focus on Basel 3

What are the new proposals of the European Commission on Crd 4? What are the implication for the liquidity management? What could be the solutions for promoting SMEs? What is the state of the art for measuring the capital requirements? The Special Issue collects articles written by Giancarlo Forestieri, Andrea Resti, Pietro Penza, Marina Brogi, Marco Berlanda, Renato Maino, and Francesco Zaini.

Special Issue n° 7-8/2011 - Banks and Human Resources 

The special issue of Bancaria collects a selection of paper presented during the conference ABI HR - Banks and Human Resources organized in Rome on 16th-17th May 2011. Authors are Maurizio Sacconi, Alessandra Servidori, Tiziano Treu, Roberto Pessi, Carlo Dell'Aringa, Francesco Micheli, Giorgio Usai, Giovanni Sabatini, Giancarlo Durante, and Giorgio Mieli.

Special Issue n° 10/2010 - Collection of papers Tancredi Bianchi

What was the contribution of prof. Tancredi Bianchi to studies and research in economics and particularly on baking and finance? What was his contribution to the industry and the innovation in the Italian banking system? The Special Issue collects articles by Corrado Faissola, Francesco Cesarini, Lamberto Cardia, Mario Comana, Marina Brogi, Mario Masini, Paola Leone, and Tancredi Bianchi's lectio magistralis.

Special Issue n° 3/2010 - The Wolpertinger Club point of view

The first Special Issue of Bancaria collects a selection of the most important papers presented during the Wolpertinger 2009 annual meeting in Rome. Papers selected are introduced by a foreword by Franco Fiordelisi and Daniele Previati and are written by Edward P.M. Gardener, Anjan Thakor, Marco Onado, Josè Manuel Pastor, Giovanni Pittaluga, Marcello Bianchi and Barbara Casu.