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Finance, environment, and climate change: research developments and perspectives

N. 7-8 - 2023
Annarita Trotta, Francesco Rania, Chiara Pujia, Eugenia Strano
Over the past decade, the academic interest on the relationship between finance and environment has grown considerably, in line with a movement ...

The Esg orientation of European companies. Disputes, Value and Risks

N. 6 - 2023
Paola Brighi, Antonio Carlo Francesco Della Bina, Valeria Venturelli
Using an extensive international dataset of Esg scores provided by Refinitiv with reference to a sample of 1.271 listed companies headquartered in 22 geographical European countries ...

Financial graph literacy and financial consumers’ behavior: a survey in the Italian context

N. 5 - 2023
Lucrezia Fattobene, Lucia Leonelli, Vincenzo Farina, Candida Bussoli
Graphs are commonly used in economic and financial communication to facilitate the understanding of data, but individuals often encounter difficulties ...

Dynamic asset allocation for Pension funds: a model based on genetic algorithms

N. 3 - 2023
Ugo Pomante, Vincenzo Farina, Elisa Lupo, Paolo Antonio Cucurachi
In this paper we propose a model that, with the help of genetic algorithms, allows the creation of personalized dynamics in the choice of the compartments of a Pension fund ...
The pro-active credit risk approach aims to identify variables that allow to anticipate borrowers' default and literature has shown that the best proxies ...
In 2010 the Basel Committee on Banking Supervision (Bcbs) introduced new liquidity rules phased in under Basel III and, specifically, defined the Net Stable Funding Ratio ...

Does attitude towards finance predict the levels of financial knowledge?

N. 10 - 2022
Elisa Bocchialini, Beatrice Ronchini
Studying affective factors that form attitudes is an increasingly relevant topic in the field of financial education. In this contribution, we study the relations ...

Model risk in banking studies: a bibliometric analysis

N. 11 - 2022
Simona Cosma, Giuseppe Rimo
The use of models in banking management is constantly increasing and, consequently, the criticality of model risk is also growing ...

The impact of Circular Economy on Public Equity in Europe

N. 9 - 2022
Claudio Zara, Martina Iannuzzi, Shyaam Ramkumar
Circular Economy offers effective hedging of linear risks, shields financial actors from the risk of stranded values and promises to ensure persistent performance ...

The Considerazioni finali of the Bank of Italy between language, history and economy

N. 7-8 - 2022
Cristina Guardiano, Valentina Ligabue, Paola Vezzani
In this paper, we perform an analysis of the 75 Considerazioni finali read by the Governors of the Bank of Italy in charge from 1947 to 2021 ...
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